Bay Area Tech Jobs

Finding a job shouldn't be difficult. With the plethora of high technology companies in the SF Bay Area it is sometimes a matter of having direct access to the hiring principal of an organization. What we are attempting to do with the BASE Job Fair is provide increased accessibility to bay area tech jobs for our community members by putting them in direct contact with the hiring managers of corporations looking to hire talent who have sponsored or will potentially sponsor a future BASE event. We are adding new local employers all the time so keep checking back.

About BASE

Bay Area Software Engineers (BASE) is an organization creating an environment that facilitates employment, networking, and learning opportunities for software engineers in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley region.

BASE organizes some of the best software engineering events in the Bay with great corporate sponsors, venues, and rock star speakers from around the local area. Our community consists of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, front end developers, software engineers, data scientists, professors, authors, and other tech professionals.

Regular Job Fair Events

Bay Area Software Engineers (BASE) Job Fairs were developed to create an easy to use system for our community members to find employment directly with hiring principals that sponsor our group. The job fairs we organize are physical events. Our large community of hiring principals makes this a truly unique opportunity for our members to access technical jobs. Our tech job fair provides software engineers with unparralled access to jobs within the greater San Francisco region.

Designed by Engineers

The BASE Job Fair was created and designed by engineers for engineers. Utilizing HTML5 standards and PHP server-side scripting including the Zurb Foundation Framework for the front end user interface we are developing the easiest way for software engineers in the Bay Area to access employment. The site is designed to work in all screen sizes and in all browsers to increase accessibility and we will be adding new features all the time.